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About us

Goal and Purpose

The Swiss Institute of Feed Technology (SFT) strives to impart primarily practice-oriented specialist knowledge on feed production to professionals from the feed manufacturing and related industries. Especially the successful completion of the "diploma course in Feed Manufacturing Technology" will enable graduates to understand, to apply and to operate state-of-the-art technologies and processes in a feed production plant.

The courses are designed to cover the individual needs of every student to the best possible extent and to offer participants high-level training or continuing education while minimizing their absence from their jobs.

In addition, the SFT has set itself the goal to enable all those persons around the world to take part in the course who have the required basic knowledge of individual processes or of the operating principle of a complete feed manufacturing plant, and who if possible have also accumulated practical experience in animal feed production.

Key Dates

1979 Establishment of the Institute in St. Margrethen by the owner of Bühler AG at that time, Dr. René Bühler.
At this location, a total of eight courses were held in German and English, with a period of study of 10 months.

Move from St. Margrethen to Uzwil and introduction of the current concept, which has proved its worth ever since. For more, see Course Offer.

1995 SFT is set up as a non-profit association according to Swiss Civil Law.
1997 The Association of Swiss Feed Manufacturers VSF recognizes the SFT as an institution of training and continuing education for the production personnel in the feed industry.
2004 SFT celebrates its successful 25-year anniversary and at the same time passes the mark of 400 just as successful graduates from over 60 countries.
2008 Reorientation of the training program: "hands-on and focused"
For more, see Course Offer.
2011 Initiation "Concept 2012" - Splitting Diploma Course in two Blocks.
For more, see Newsletter.


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