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The feed manufacturing industry is undergoing continious change and must satisfy the increasingly stringent demands placed on its wide variety of finish products and today's fierce competition. This often brings about changes of a technical and staff-related nature in the production plants, which in many cases calls for training and continuing education of management staff in the field of process technology.

We are convinced that the reorientation of our training program, which is governed by the motto "hands-on and focused", will enable us to cover most of the individual needs of our customers.

What has changed at the Swiss Institute of Feed Technology

It will continue to be possible to complete a "Diploma Course" and obtain the degree of "Feed Production Engineer" at our institution. This course will still be made up of a preparatory course on a correspondence base and an intensive course at the site of the SFT.
However, in order to minimize students' absence from their jobs, individual subjects will be treated in greater depth in the preparatory course so that the intensive course can be reduced to two times four-week.
As up to now, the course will be offered alternately in German and English, but from now on only in a three-year cycle. More detailed information is available in the course description "Diploma Course".

We will take advantage of the year in which no "Diploma Course" is held to further extend our range of short courses. This will enable especially all those employees to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge who are unable to leave their jobs for an extended time owing to tight personnel policies. Short courses will be offered primarily in German and English and will last from a few days to maximum two weeks.

Upon request, the SFT is also in a position to organize customer- and plant-specific courses at the Institute's site or locally at the customer's place, with simultaneous interpretation into the relevant national language.

More detailed information is available in the course descriptions of the short courses (Overview Courses).

Another service offered by the SFT is to act as a neutral consultant for plant optimation and alterations, carrying out inspections, and conducting homogeneity and cross-contamination tests etc.

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